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[MISSION BLUE] Order for blue glowstick

As most of you know, during alive concert in singapore, we wil be carrying out MISSION BLUE. Thus, we are taking orders for these blue glowsticks for you! However, you can buy the glowsticks at various party shops or at army market (beach road).

*** This order is only for singaporean and foreigner living in singapore right now. Overseas VIP who are coming singapore for alive concert might need to get he blue glowsticks on your own. VIP GOING FOR THE 2ND DAY ONLY

Each glowsticks is SGD 1. The glowsticks will be pass to you on the concert day itself. They are chemical glow sticks, which you have to bend it so that it will glow. When you buy it please buy the thicker one as the effect is better. (:



Thank you! ^^

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